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Who We Are



I want this space because becoming a Mom expanded who I am and didn’t narrow it, because I struggle with trying to be Superwoman and  I’m not always very good at embracing help when it’s offered, and because I have always loved taking creative adventures with my little sister. I live in Ottawa, Ontario with my lovely husband Randy, our beautiful son Lucas, and feline buddies Sully and Maybee. I spend my working hours at the Canadian Parliament and my playing hours with my family, friends, and an ever-growing list of books to read, wines to try, and things to knit.

11537717_10102554839558330_79785188995071007_nLINDSAY SOMMERAUER

I want this space because I’m in favour of honesty over image and compassion over judgment. I want a place for thoughtful ideas whose speakers keep their minds open to the ideas of others. I want a space free of the judgment, competition, and glossy-falseness that are rampant in the online world of mommy-blogs. A place where we can celebrate our strengths, laugh through the little trials, and find comfort through the big ones. Where it’s okay to admit that you sometimes just want a break from your kid while other times you want to do nothing but be with them forever, and neither option makes you a bad or good mother. A space where we as women (who happen to be mothers) can offer each other support and solidarity, giving each other the benefit of the doubt that we’re all doing our best, and learning from our shared and different experiences.

I’m the mama of sweet little Arlo, partner to the wonderful John, and human companion to felines Kicsi and Koschka. I work at a university helping undergraduate students overcome their hurdles, teach dance fitness for my own creative and energy outlet, and wish I made time in my life for more yoga.

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