Why Sleep is the Best F**king Thing on the Planet

When you’re sleep deprived as the parent of a baby or young toddler, it can seem like the world is, well, basically, Mordor:



…when it looks to everyone else like your life should be this scene from Marie Antoinette:



In my experience, people are usually pretty nice to you about this plight, pretty sympathetic. But eventually, even some of the nicest people, with the best intentions, seem to get a little… shall we say… sick of your tiredness? Irritated by your constant fatigue? Just the slightest bit impatient with your ongoing mumbled ranting about how you’d give anything, literally anything in the world, for one full night of sleep? Perhaps even the tiniest smidge frustrated that you won’t just accept this level of sleep and be happy with what you do have, at least for the time being?

These people often try to give you solutions, really well-intentioned, kind things like napping when the baby naps or napping while someone else holds the baby. But tiny little naps in lieu of a solid nightly sleep can’t really fix the horror. These aren’t really solutions to the problem, they’re just little bandaids on a gushing gut wound. So I won’t try to give you any solutions. I will just tell you that there IS a light at the end of the tunnel. I know because I am THERE this morning! (At least temporarily.)

Lalalalalalala! I got almost eight hours of sleep last night – and I kid you not, I feel like:



And let me just say, this feeling is WORTH fighting for! So until you get the sleep you need, Mama, each night, EVERY night, here are five reasons why sleep is the fucking best, and why you shouldn’t have to just “accept” your sleep status quo and put on a fucking smile:

1. Sleep deprivation is a straight-up form of torture


It’s a little hard to revel in the joys of motherhood when this is your state of mind.


2. Well-rested people are more likeable. 


I want my kids, my husband, and my friends to like me… is that so unreasonable?


3. Only well-rested people can make delicious breakfasts. 

Breakfast Series - Oatmeal with raisins

Sad, sleep-deprived people eat cold, half-toasted English muffins because they’re already at the table and they can’t be bothered to go put it back in the toaster oven… it’s not good.


4. Well-rested people don’t (as often) have ridiculous meltdowns over trivial things.


I’m hoping this is true, at least. We’ll find out when I’ve been well-rested for awhile…


5. I don’t want to say my kids are BETTER when I’ve had enough sleep, but…


Frankly, EVERYTHING is better when I’ve had enough sleep. Including, and especially, me as a mama – which lets me see my kids for the wonderful tiny humans they are.


So if you gripe and groan about not getting enough sleep, don’t feel bad about it! You’re really just wanting to be the best version of you that you can be for your kiddos, your community, and YOURSELF! And that is most admirable, Mama.

You WILL get there eventually.  And in the meantime, I will NEVER tell you to stop whining about it.

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  1. Marianne says:

    Such traumatic memories for me… There indeed is a light at the end of the tunnel even tough those nights, weeks, months seem endless when you are experiencing them… I am in dreaded anticipation of that soon to be reality again. To top it off, I am ALREADY getting advice from people how to have this third baby sleep better than the two previous ones! Hang in there sleep deprived moms and remember there is nothing that you are doing wrong, it is just the way it is!


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